Monday, January 12, 2009

Growing and Growing and Growing!

We had a great, though extremely busy, holiday season. The boys continue to run from the camera quicker than I can get pictures taken, but I was able to capture a few cute ones over a few days time:

Evan sitting in the ornament wreath:

Joel decorating himself (this was the day I was attempting to get Christmas pictures taken. Didn't really work out.... oh well, that's life with 15-month-old boys!)

Remember this picture from Christmas '07? Joel decided to recreate it!

Smile, Joel!

Hello, Evan!

Joel opening a Christmas present... art supplies!

Aunt Jessi bought a table and chairs for the boys. It has turned out to be the greatest. The boys no longer need high chairs (hurray!) We keep this in the kitchen; when the boys see me going in to make a meal, they climb into their seats and wait (impatiently, but at least they seat themselves!)

Todd doesn't get a holiday break like the teachers and students, so he is at work while the building is nice and quiet. We went to visit him one day, and played in the gym. The boys ran around for about two hours straight. Needless to say, when we came home, they collapsed and took wonderful, long naps.

Here they are playing with the scooters:

We were suprised by how well they did at golf! They understood the concept of hitting the ball with the clubs. I'm thinking we have little future stars on our hands!

Besides golf and scooters, the boys played with soccer and basketballs, and climbed around on the mats. What a fun day!

Now that we've received lots of art supplies for Christmas, we've done quite a few art projects. One thing that they really both enjoy is painting. Take note, I didn't say painting paper:

Joel's going for the "Goth" look here:

Last week, I was sick and not paying too much attention. Joel and Evan got into the art supply box, and next thing I knew, there was paint all over the living room. Todd was NOT happy when he came home. We've now moved all the art supplies to the play room, and they are kept well out of reach!

Christmas cards never did actually make it out. We designed them, and printed them, and... well, that's as far as I got. I hope you all had a great season. Here's what you would have received, had I actually mailed the cards:

And, just in case you haven't heard, we've got news...

Joel and Evan are getting another brother! My due date has been moved up to May 28th (about a week earlier than originally thought.) Yes, we are going to have three boys under two years apart. This is going to be a very, very interesting household!