Thursday, April 17, 2008

Our Beautiful, Gorgeous, Amazing Sunny Day!!

Today was the most beautiful day I have ever seen (since I spent all last summer miserable and indoors)! It was truly perfect weather, and I got to spend it with two fabulous little boys. After a morning playdate with our playgroup, we went for a nice long walk, and the boys got finally got to play for a bit in the yard.
I took lots of pictures, especially of Joel, as he was having a great time playing while Evan was fast asleep in the stroller. Evan's "photo shoot" was short-lived, as he tipped backward and hit his head on the ground. (He's fine, but was not in the mood for me to take pictures!)

Heading out for our walk:


"What is this crazy green stuff?"

I honestly think he could be the happiest child on the planet:

"Okay, Joel, in this next photo, look thoughtful."

And now some photos of why having twins is the coolest thing ever:

Evan enjoyed himself as well, however brief it may have been.

That was our day!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I know it doesn't really make sense for the p.s. to show up before the other posts, but hey, that's the way it goes...

Pat- Thanks for the words of support on size! I figure they've got plenty of time to grow, and I'm just hoping they get the genes of all the family members besides Todd and I, because most everyone in our families is much better off in the height department than we are!

Julia- I've heard that I was quite the loud baby. I think Todd must have been quieter, and our genes cancelled each other out. So far, Evan and Joel aren't unbearable... so far...

We love to get your comments. It always surprises us to see who all is reading the blog!

So Much To Share photo's cont'd

Momma and her cubby bear Joel:

Grandpa Adrian and Grandma Linda enjoyed pushing the stroller!

The White Boys... all four of them:

The boys were sick of the camera, but this camel was proud to pose!

Back at Mamaw's house (she was in Texas, so didn't get to see the boys this time).
Family Picture (Sarah and Evan, Todd and Joel)

Something must be really interesting down there...

Brotherly love!

We haven't quite mastered kissing without eating the entire face yet!

Nana and Joel:

Nana and Evan:

Future ladykillers:

Oh, and the latest stats (from today's appointment):

Joel: 25 1/2" tall, 16lb 12oz
Evan: 25 1/2" tall, 15lb 8oz
Still a bit of difference in size!

Some exciting news...
Joel sat up on his own for a few minutes today!!
Evan cut a tooth today! (It's been two months in the making!)

Okay, time to climb into bed. G'night, all!

So Much To Share! Part Deux

Once upon a time, there were two teachers who looked forward to their Spring Break, a full week off of work. Then one of those teachers left work and became a mom... no more break. The other teacher became an administrator with a year round contract.... no more break. Thankfully, they have fabulous little boys that make it completely worth having no more breaks!

We've finally stepped into the real world! This was the first time in our adult lives (well, actually, since Kindergarten, if you want to be exact) that we have not had Spring Break. Todd ended up taking a few days off of work, though, and we headed down to visit his grandma (near St. Louis.) The past few months of her life have been pretty rough, so it was nice that she was able to spend time with "her boys". Joel and Evan were very good in the car both there and back (about 5 hours each way), but we realized that is about how far they can travel and that's it. Another hour and I think we would have had major meltdowns to deal with.

We looked forward to the beautiful weather that we knew awaited... after all, we still had snow in our forecast, but the weather down south should be beautiful, right? We drove down, and as we approached the Alton area, the rain started. We ended up with a torrential downpour that lasted a two days. So much for getting out and enjoying the sun!
Nevertheless, Saturday was rain free, so we were able to head to St. Louis zoo to enjoy a somewhat decent day outside. The boys were in fairly good spirits, and Todd's dad and stepmom drove up to join us at the zoo. It turned out to be a great time for all of us.

Here are pictures of the trip:

Bundled up at the zoo (are these not the most adorable hats you've ever seen?!)
Joel's awake, Evan's asleep

Checking out the penguins
Evan's awake, Joel's asleep

Grandma Linda and Joel enjoying each other's company

I think this picture is fantastic. Good job, Todd!

"I'm talking to you!" "No, I'M talking to YOU!"

So Much To Share! Part 1

Well, we've had computer woes, but thankfully we solved the problem, so I can finally catch up on posting! What a busy month March turned out to be. We had the boys dedication, then Easter, then went to visit Todd's grandma in southern IL. Add a few doctor's appointments, swimming lessons, playdates, and it makes for a month that just flew by!

So, here are some pictures of our little super troopers:
Easter: Didn't get many pictures that weekend; my mom and aunt (and families) came over on Saturday to celebrate. I didn't get pictures because they specifically told me they do not want to have their photos posted on this blog! So complain to your sisters, not me, Marcia and Karla!) On Sunday, we went to Maggiano's with Dad, Jessi, Alex, Carolynn, Gramma, and Grampa. Eight adults, and not one thought to bring a camera! So I took a few pictures at home.. the boys were crabby and ready for bed, but darnit, I was going to capture their first Easter regardless! We would have loved to do pictures outside, but lo and behold, this never-ending winter dumped another seven inches of snow on us two days prior... so photos are inside as always.

The boys' dedication was the Sunday before Easter. They were so well behaved! Everyone who came (family and friends who live nearby) took pictures, but getting them to turn out was another story (bad lighting.) But here is what we captured at home. Todd thought it would be great to take individual pictures, then crop them into a beautiful garden scene so we could make it look like the boys were sitting in a field of flowers.
Notice you aren't looking at an image of the boys sitting in a field of flowers. Instead, look at the blanket on the couch. Almost as nice...

(In case you're not sure, the first two are Evan, the next two are Joel.) Maybe they aren't sitting in flowers, but who needs a nice backdrop when you've got such handsome subjects, anyway!