Saturday, March 7, 2009

Funtime Photos

I've had some fun with my old camera over the past week or so, so thought I'd share some of our fun times with you.
We finally had some great weather this week, so the boys were able to explore the backyard for the first time ever.

"What is THIS thing?" "I don't know, but we better see if we can break it!"

Joel is a happy camper!

"Come here, doggy!" Joel has just learned that a friendly little dog lives behind us.

The boys discovered the GREATEST TOY EVER! DIRT!!

Joel, Conlan (a boy I babysit), and Evan, hard at work.

Back inside...
Hi Evan!

Mr Magoo? Nope, just Evan showing off his cool glasses.

On Saturdays, the boys have a class at The Little Gym. They absolutely love it. Joel is surprisingly good on all the equipment... maybe a future gymnast on our hands? (He certainly is energetic enough!)

Bubbles Galore!

Evan practicing the parallel bars

Evan and Daddy doing lifts on the bars (Joel actually almost does a handstand when he is on them!)