Friday, November 30, 2007

My Ears Are Ringing

Mmm, the little darlings are not being so darling at the moment. Evan is currently screaming his head off, refusing to go to sleep for the night. The boys play this little game-- one goes to sleep while the other screams for twenty minutes, then that one falls asleep and the other awakes to do the same. Normally they eventually settle down, but tonight Evan is apparently going for the gold.

Other than us losing our hearing, things continue to go well. The boys are growing like weeds! Evan enjoys practicing "standing" with Daddy-- he has pretty strong legs! Joel is his sweet precious self, most of the time at least. We've dealt with some sickness over the past few weeks; sniffles went around between all of us, but things seem to be on the up and up now.

I plan to write the official Christmas letter (blog) within the next week, and hope to include lots of beautiful baby photos (Todd and I might actually jump in a few shots. Only if I get a haircut, though.) Until then, feast your eyes on these happy moments, a time which I call "Mommy Decorates the Babies".

Sweet little Evan:

Angelic Joely Bear:

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Christmas Wish List (For those who need it)

Just thought I'd post for those who are asking for ideas...

Gift Certificates:

Dinner by Design
Hardware stores (Lowes, Home Depot, etc.)
Houseware stores
Cleaning Help
(Merry Maids or Molly Maid)
Men's Wearhouse (Todd)

Black dress socks (Todd)
Photo Frames: Dark Brown (any size)or White (large)
Queen sheets (white or neutral colors)

Joel and Evan:
Savings bonds, etc. (or contribution to college savings account)
Clothing: Size 3-6mo. for winter; 6-9 for warmer. Matching outfits. We love zippers and overalls! NOTE: Joel is already wearing 3-6mo clothing, while Evan is still comfortably in 0-3mo. This will hopefully give a clue as to sizing (since it's all a guessing game to me!)
Cloth diapers: BumGenius One Size I know it seems like a strange gift, but trust me, it's a useful one! We also use Fuzzibunz size medium. And inserts, particularly hemp, would be wonderful to receive.
Baby Books (Sandra Boynton books are especially loved!)
CD's: Lullaby; Rainforest; Nursery songs
Finger puppets (I'd like a "family" or animals.)

Toy Ideas:
TinyLove Sea Deluxe Fun Mobile
Play Sounds Mat
Grow With Me Travel Toy
Surprise Inside Elephant
Light Up Musical Mirror

I hope this gives a good set of ideas. I included links to the pictures of what I could, but other stores probably carry the same or similar items.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Two Month Update (Finally)

Round is my favorite shape!
Can you guess which baby this is? (Mommy couldn't.)
It's JoelyBear and his blankie Geoffrey! Too much to drink will knock a guy out!
Evan loves when Mommy sings!

Evan posing nicely (with other Geoffrey in the background.)
Evan is chillin' on Daddy's pillow.
Oh yeah, it's a rough life...
It's been a while since I've written, and so much has happened! In short, Evan now loves to smile (started at 8 weeks); both did great at their 2month checkup; both boys LOVE playtime, spend lots more time awake (contrary to what anyone believes, as they always sleep when we go out); and the sleep routine is finally getting better.
I am now willing to venture out by myself with them. Not to say that it's easy.... I have yet to figure out how to actually shop while I have both boys with me. But they enjoy getting out of the house, and I REALLY enjoy getting out of the house, so we tend to run errands quite a bit. Tomorrow I have my first twin club meeting, and I'm really looking forward to meeting other local moms of multiples.
(Todd's doing well too. I'm just too hungry at the moment to post anymore. He loves his job and he's a great, but very busy, dad.)
Life remains good! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
P.S. The answer to the "guess who" picture is Joel.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I have not forgotten!

The boys are two months old... it's time for another update! Unfortunately, I'm sick and feel like crap, so I won't be doing that until I'm better. We actually didn't take any pictures yesterday (sigh...). When I feel better I'll get around to it.

FYI... Evan had his surgery to repair the hernia. It was a success!