Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I Just Have to Brag a Little

Not that anyone is going to care really, but I'm so happy and just need to get it out...

I just got my ambulance bill totally erased! (Well, my portion, not the part already paid by insurance.) When I was transported from one hospital to the other (when I initially was admitted), the ambulance company charged $3700 for the 19 mile transport! (Note: No services in the ambulance; basically, they are charging $195 per mile.)
We received a bill recently saying our portion due is $791. I was upset about this, so I called the ambulance company today and complained (politely).

Their solution? "Let's just drop your portion of the bill altogether." Yep! They completely dropped our portion of the charges! Even the lady on the phone was shocked when she heard the amount billed. (She did say they billed 50 miles, not 19, but luckily realized all you have to do is look up the mileage online and realize that it was incorrect. And apparently they tried to add some services that the hospital had provided as their own. Scumbags!)

So, the moral of the story... check your bills, and think of the amount given as an initial offer!

34 week update

Nothing exciting to share at this point. Had a checkup yesterday... things are status quo... absolutely no changes according to the doctor.
I, however, am truly going out of my mind with all this itching. I keep trying to tell myself "just two more weeks", but seriously, this ICP is driving me nuts. I have read that Benefiber might help, so we got some of that last night. If it makes even the slightest difference, I'm happy.

We got the carseats properly installed a couple days ago (at our police dept.) After seeing both installed, it is apparent that keeping our car as the main vehicle is not really an option. There is room for two babies, but that's about it! There is barely enough room between the seats to put a diaper bag. I've been searching on carmax for a new (used) vehicle, but with the loss of my income, really don't want to take on another car payment at this time. So I'm thinking we'll wait a few more weeks until we have no choice in the matter.

With two weeks left, we have plenty to wrap up. I have a list a page and a half long of things I'd like to see done before the boys arrive; if we get through a tenth of it, it'll be a miracle! We'll survive, of course, even if things aren't finished, but I figure if we don't have the time now, there is no chance of having it once the boys are here.

Hopefully we'll take some pictures today so that I can show off my enormous belly at 34 weeks! Next appointment is on Friday-- I believe we are getting the final ultrasound that day!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Jack Bauer = We Don't Accomplish Much!

Nothing new to share, but wanted to keep everyone informed. The babies are still doing well. I really can't believe they haven't arrived yet; I walk around constantly feeling like my water is going to break any moment, what with all the pressure that I feel!

We finally have the carseats installed; I think Todd now sees what I mean when I say,
"We need a bigger vehicle!" Basically, until we upgrade, we can haul the boys with us, but can't bring anything else along. It's not too much longer until my car is paid off, though, so we're trying to wait for that before shopping for anything. And now that I'm no longer getting paychecks (...sigh...), it is going to be interesting to see how bills go.

This weekend was supposed to be reserved to getting the house and everything ready to go for the boys. So far, we've watched multiple episodes of 24 (season 5), Todd got some laundry done, the car is clean, and Todd is currently mowing the lawn...
and exactly how many days to we have left to get everything in order?

At the very least, cloth diapers have been ordered, and the nursery is 90% ready to go, so slowly but surely things will be accomplished. This is what happens when you put two procrastinators together!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

42 Weeks!

No, I'm not actually 42 weeks pregnant (though today marks week 33!) Yesterday's appointment was uneventful, no changes. The only interesting detail was that the measurement on my belly is equivalent to that of someone 42 weeks pregnant with a singleton. So I look huge for a reason!

No changes taking place yet. Looks like we just may make it to the 36 week mark after all. Although, my mom is going to Seattle this Friday, and won't be home for a week and a half, so maybe that fact alone will bring things on early.

Next appointment is Friday. The receptionist saw me checking out yesterday, I told her I'd be there Friday. She said, "Oh, you'll come here then head to L&D?" (No.) "Well, when on earth are you going to deliver? Shouldn't you be DONE by now?"
I'm happy to report I have someone new to complain to a little bit.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Eviction Notice!

Okay, so here are this week's events:

Monday: Had a useless appointment with my former favorite doc. He told me nothing of importance, except the classic "I don't think you'll go past 34 weeks" line. Oh yeah, he did say my cervix had shortened a bit (according to my research, I had effaced around 50% or so.)

Tuesday: Not feeling well, what a surprise.

Wednesday: Woke up at 3a.m. to lots of contractions, but ended up falling back asleep. 5a.m., woke up to MAJOR contractions. Tried to deal with them, but by 10a.m. decided I better get checked, just in case. Went to my "old" OB, she checked and announced this was probably it; my contractions were horrible and coming consistently at 3 minutes apart. So, I begrudgingly agreed to go back call my doctor and get his opinion. He wanted me to come in to L&D, so we went... again... although we stopped and picked up food along the way (he wasn't so happy about that one, but hey, I knew it would end up being a long day!)

After lots of monitoring, they decided I probably wasn't in labor (though I had effaced to 80%, so there was progress, just no dialation), but felt it best to keep me overnight. I was okay with this, because So You Think You Can Dance was on that evening, so I knew I'd be happy just watching t.v. And I told them I refuse to let them hook me up to IV unless it was to deliver, so at least I wasn't going to have needles in my arm this time. They moved me to the other wing (the non-delivery side) and left me to relax for the evening.

Thursday: I woke up to the same contractions as the day before. Nurses hooked me up to the monitors and decided that yes, this has got to be it, Sarah's gonna be having the babies today! So once again I was sent over to L&D. And, surprise, surprise, once there they realized the contractions still weren't causing my cervix to dialate, so once again, it was a false alarm.
Once that was determined, my day turned pretty lousy. Apparently, the doctors have decided I a problem patient (like it's my fault that I am the contraction queen?), so they decided to avoid me for the day. Long story short, I finally got to go home (after only 7 hours of begging the nurse to have a doctor come in to talk to me.) Since I know the discharge drill by now, I went ahead and unhooked the monitors, got dressed, signed the paperwork, and was ready to go before the nurse really even realized I was leaving! Sometimes it just plain feels good to be a pain in the butt.

Friday: Today's appointment! You'd think there would be no reason to go to my appointment today, considering I have already been in 3 days this week. But I still needed to have the boys' measurements done, so ended up having to keep today's appointment. As of today, Joel is 4lbs, 4oz, and Evan is 4lbs. They both looked great on the ultrasound. No other changes at this point, so I expect to stay pregnant for a while yet.
After getting the ultrasound and measuring the heartbeats, Dr. K came in and announced 1) that I am driving him and the other doctors crazy; and 2) in order to shut me up, he is willing to go ahead and schedule a c-section date. I was not particularly happy with the implications that I am a problem patient, but hey, they were finally willing to give me a date, so whatever, I'll deal with the accusation. So, although they are still saying, "you won't make it that far", he went ahead and booked me for SEPTEMBER 12th (36 weeks.) Now, if I were really a "problem patient" as they suggest, I would have tried to get it to 35 weeks instead, but I'm not, so I happily thanked him AND told him he was my new favorite doctor. (No response, not even a smile. Have I really pissed these doctors off that much?)


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

32 Weeks!

Today marks week 32, and I'm still pregnant! I had a checkup on Monday; things continue to look good. There are small changes, and the doctor continues to say he doesn't see me going past 34 weeks. I don't know how much faith I have in that statement, but we'll see.

I'm now on medication for the Cholestasis, so hopefully that is going to take care of some of the itching. I've read that Sarna lotion is the best thing to help it, so Todd went out and got some for me last night. $12 for a little 7oz. bottle! We got as far as putting some on my leg, then Todd decided he can't take the smell and quit. Doesn't matter... it didn't seem to do any good as far as I could tell. Oh, well, it was worth a shot.

The doctor decided to raise my insulin level again because my blood sugar continues to rise. He assured me that it is not bad, though, compared to a lot of people, and I shouldn't worry too much about it, and the babies should still be okay. I don't know how diabetics do it; I've only been on the medication for, what, a month now? and I'm already completing sick of the shots!

Lately I've been in a lot of pain/discomfort, so I'm thinking it may be a sign that things should be happening soon, just as the doctors are promising. If you call and I don't answer, it is most likely because I am either sleeping or contracting, or the phone is not close enough to answer. Don't be offended, it's really hard to talk much anyway!

Friday I have my next appointment; we should be finding how Joel and Evan's measurements, so I'll post those as soon as I get a chance.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Today's Appointment

Today I had another appointment. Basic checkup-- NST (listening to hearbeats); cervical check, ultrasound to check fluid levels. Fluid levels look fine... hopefully next week we will get to find out current weights! NST went well; the boys' heartbeats are nice and strong. As for the cervical exam, things are fine, according to the doctor. If you ask me, full contractions and major pressue not having any effect whatsoever doesn't sound "fine", but whatever, I'm no doctor.
It's great to know that the boys are doing well, though. The doctor doesn't think it will be too much longer, though I don't know what he is basing his decision on. I'll be back on Monday, so maybe they can explain more to me then.

As for the Cholestasis, he is quite confident that is what I have, though we are waiting on bloodwork to confirm it. I'm currently trying to ignore the major itching on my right foot, my left arm, right thigh, and back of my head. The good news is, if I have OC, it explains away the liver enzyme issue, which means they won't need to readmit me for suspected preclampsia!

So, though I have heartburn, a smashed bladder, walking difficulties, torn, itchy skin, major contractions, horrible pressure, swollen everything, and diabetes, at least I'm not preclamptic, which means I don't have to worry about going into a coma and dying anytime soon!

See Todd, I can be an optimist after all!

(As much as I whine, I really am glad to know these little guys, however uncomfortable they make me, seem to be doing wonderfully. And I know that an end is in sight, though my vision may be too foggy to see it right now.)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The regular update

After a wonderful week with my mom, she has gone back home and Todd and I are left to fend for ourselves. She was supposed to go home yesterday, but I was contracting really bad and feeling tons of pressure, so ended up in L&D for the evening. Surprise, surprise, no changes to speak of as of yet. At least I was able to come home. So the "preterm labor" continues (I don't get why it's called that; doesn't labor mean babies show up?) as it has been, along with lots of added pressure, but the babies should remain put for a while yet.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with the peri (just a basic checkup.) I know that my liver enzymes are elevated again (was checked on Friday), so I'm crossing my fingers they won't want to act on it by admitting me again. Actually, we may have found a reason behind the liver issues; we think I have a crazy, rare illness called Obstetric Cholestasis. It causes severe itching all over the body that can't be relieved. It is caused by the liver acting up and increased enzymes is one of the signs. It seems like I'm pretty much a textbook case of this condition... a condition that affects less than 1 out of 1000 pregnancies, but as I've said before, I like to be difficult so of course it's probably what I have. If it IS the case, Joel and Evan should be fine and unaffected by it. And hopefully it will go away upon delivery. So no need to worry... although whoever got me the bottle brush, sorry, it is now a scratching brush instead!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Relax all, I'm still here!

Okay, okay, I'll make sure to update every two to three days!

There is not anything new to share. I'm still at home... still contracting... still pregnant with no end in sight. Joel and Evan are now 30 weeks, 2days old.
My mom has been staying at our house this week to help care for me. She has been an amazing help; I don't know what we will do once she is gone. I guess we'll survive, though.

I had to see the dr. today because I have had insane itching all over my body. They think it could be due to my liver enzymes or something. We won't know anything until next week, though. Right now, I am taking Benedryll and I have oatmeal baths, so I should be able to survive.

Next appointment is Wednesday...