Sunday, September 27, 2009

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

Summer was busy in the White house! The boys turned two at the start of September, and boy, they are living up to the whole "terrible twos" reputation. It's not a matter of whether or not there will be a meltdown in our house, but rather just how many meltdowns will take place each day. Still, the boys (all of them) keep me laughing every day. Here are some recent pictures.

The Three Amigos (Joel, Luke, Evan)

Your eyes do not decieve you. Those are pacifiers in the twins' mouths. Again. We had rid them of the habit, but as Luke increased his use of it, suddenly the twins' interest was again renewed. They are now more attached than ever. Originally, I was able to take them away just by snipping the tips; the boys' got annoyed with the "broken" pacis and threw them away themselves (clever, right?) But now, I've tried snipping a few again, and they have decided that throwing them away was the wrong move last time. We are now having to deal with new ways of ridding them of the darn things.

Can you say PRECIOUS?!!

We went to our local fall festival this weekend. It was so much fun; the twins had their first pony rides (Joel was scared at first, but then relaxed and enjoyed himself. Evan loved it a little too much, and had a major tantrum once he realized the ride was over and the pony wasn't coming home with us.)

Here are the boys riding in their stroller. It was a bit chilly out, but the wind cover provided nice protection, especially for Luke. I tried to get them to look at the camera, but cool things were happening that were much more interesting than Mommy.

I love this picture of Evan! He was just relaxing by himself on a rock wall when I took it.

Daddy and the twins visited the fire truck. Notice Joel's excitement? He's jumping up and down!

The boys learned the hard way that if you try and steal the fire truck, you will be arrested. (Kidding.)

Evan says hi.

Luke says hi, too.

The twins enjoyed storytime with Daddy,

and then were given their very own pumpkins.

Time for pumpkin bowling!

It was a great time!
On another note, I recently had surgery on my gallbladder (technically, two surgeries, since it seems I always like to do things the hard way,) and my mom and stepmom spent a lot of time up here helping out around the house. (By helping out, I mean doing virtually everything, since I was confined to the recliner for two weeks.) They were incredible and a total blessing to us.

Here's Grammy (my mom) and the boys.

As tiring as it was for them, it was a great bonding experience for everyone. Nevertheless, I'm hoping to avoid any more surgeries for a long while!

In case you are wondering, the adorable pumpkin hats were made by a great work-at-home mom (she and I went to middle and high school together.) The boys LOVE them, and I highly recommend her products! You can find the pumpkin and other hats at her etsy store: Danyel, you are awesome. Thanks again!