Sunday, August 23, 2009

August According to Todd

The month of August was a quiet one. Most of the month was filled with Sarah fullfilling her daycare duties with Conlan and very little else. The twins are growing up fast, but their limited language skills are preventing them from resolving issues with words. This has lead to regular biting incidents. Yes, the normally super sweet twins have resigned to biting each other when they get really mad. Even worse, they often get mad at Conlan and bite him as well. We are working through it with time outs and doing what we can, yet all of the boys are friends and are giggling and laughing shortly after it happens. We did find the time to take a trip to Alton to visit Todd's family and did a weekend trip to visit Sarah's family before her brothers left for college (Alex and Scott.) Both trips were a great success with the trio of boys riding well and no tears or screaming! Yay!
We took the boys to a new park that just opened up. Evan has just finished his slide while Joel is preparing to launch.

Joel is working on getting a better view of the action.

Joel thinks that climbing through the tunnels is fun even though mommy needs to reach and help him along.

A clever Ice Cream Truck rolled around just in time for our playing to be over. Sticky fun followed.

The boys found a bay window at Nonnie and Poppi's house to be very fun. They were able to see Daddy helping their Uncle Alex load up for college.

The trip to Alton was very fun for the White boy trio. Lukas was held almost every minute of the weekend; Great-Grandma Juanita is seen here doing her part.

Pround Grandpa Adrian followed his mother's lead and took his turn at holding Luke.

While we were in Alton we stayed at a hotel, which worked out perfectly for napping. Just after naptime Joel or Evan ( this is really bad that I can't tell which child this is. I think it is actually Joel, but with the sunglasses I just can't be sure. What I do know is that when he is ready to head out, cell phone, keys, and sunglasses are an important part of looking like an adult!)
(Sarah's edit: This is Joel!)

Grandma Linda made up for lost time quickly and established a great bond with little Luke.

Meanwhile, Joel and Evan had a great time just sitting in the chair. I believe we asked them where their ears are. Joel got it right, while Evan thinks his flew across the room and is showing us where they landed.

One big picture of the White Family.

Our friend Drew did a photo shoot of the trio and sent us a couple of proofs. This is baby Luke showing off that great smile of his.

Joel and Evan look very suave in their outfits from the Gap!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Birthday Wish List

For those who are asking, here are some ideas of what the boys are into nowadays:

Dinosaurs: They love them, though they don't have any dino toys.
Trains: They'd like Thomas Take-along stuff

Music: They love musical instruments, currently all we have is stuff that we have made. They'd also like their own music players (like toy cd players.)

Clothing: Size 2T for cool weather clothing; 3T for next year

Art: Art supplies are always a hit with the kids (not so much with the dad)

Imaginative Play: Puppets and costumes

Outdoor Toys: We play outside all the time, and plan to bring toys into the basement when the weather cools down. If it can't be used this year, there is always next summer!

Hopefully that is a good variety of ideas!