Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Christmas Wish List (For those who need it)

Just thought I'd post for those who are asking for ideas...

Gift Certificates:

Dinner by Design
Hardware stores (Lowes, Home Depot, etc.)
Houseware stores
Cleaning Help
(Merry Maids or Molly Maid)
Men's Wearhouse (Todd)

Black dress socks (Todd)
Photo Frames: Dark Brown (any size)or White (large)
Queen sheets (white or neutral colors)

Joel and Evan:
Savings bonds, etc. (or contribution to college savings account)
Clothing: Size 3-6mo. for winter; 6-9 for warmer. Matching outfits. We love zippers and overalls! NOTE: Joel is already wearing 3-6mo clothing, while Evan is still comfortably in 0-3mo. This will hopefully give a clue as to sizing (since it's all a guessing game to me!)
Cloth diapers: BumGenius One Size I know it seems like a strange gift, but trust me, it's a useful one! We also use Fuzzibunz size medium. And inserts, particularly hemp, would be wonderful to receive.
Baby Books (Sandra Boynton books are especially loved!)
CD's: Lullaby; Rainforest; Nursery songs
Finger puppets (I'd like a "family" or animals.)

Toy Ideas:
TinyLove Sea Deluxe Fun Mobile
Play Sounds Mat
Grow With Me Travel Toy
Surprise Inside Elephant
Light Up Musical Mirror

I hope this gives a good set of ideas. I included links to the pictures of what I could, but other stores probably carry the same or similar items.

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