Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Daily Fun!

As the time flies by (do you notice I say that a lot?), I still try to document my little guys whenever I can. They are at such a great age right now. Both boys just love to have fun. They "talk" to each other all the time. When they've woken up from naps, they'll sit in the cribs and chat back and forth for quite a while. I tried to capture it on video the other day, but the buggers figured out I was in the room and just stared at me instead. Apparently whatever they have to say must be private. :)
Anyway, thought it was time for some new pictures. Next week we go to for their 6-month checkup (Wh-aah?), so I'll have the more to post then.

In order of the pictures:
Joel and Evan playing together in saucers. "Guys, look at Mommy!"
"See, this striped thing plays music when I touch it!"
"My hand tastes good! How does yours taste?"

Relaxing in bed in the morning (on sheets that are seriously overdue for a changing.)
Evan (green)
Joel (blue)

Our magnificent new stroller

Pumpkin painting! (This did not go over nearly as well as I had thought it would. There was a lot of crying over dirty hands.)

(They can now sit all by themselves in their bolsters- WITH SUPERVISION. I learned that the hard way yesterday. I went to bathroom, and when I came out, Evan was crying up a storm because he had fallen forward and gotten stuck with his head to his feet. I pretty much felt like the most horrible person on earth right then! Kissing and cuddling seemed to make things all better, though.)

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  1. I just love watching your little guys grow. I wish we could see them more here.

    Auntie Weevee