Monday, May 5, 2008


VOTING UPDATE: Well, Evan didn't win, but thank you to everyone who voted!

I entered Evan in a "Most Huggable Baby" contest, and he need everyone's vote! (I messed up when I entered Joel, so he isn't in the contest; sad, but at least now all votes can go to one of them!)
Voting is from 5/6 through 5/11. You can vote once per email address per day, and once you vote they send you a link to your email, which you must click to verify the vote (so people don't set up computers to automatically cast votes.) Please vote every day!!

Here is the link to the site:
Click where it says "CLICK HERE to vote". Evan is at the bottom of the E page (he's number 84, I think.) Here is the picture you are looking for:

Enter your email address; it will tell you to check your email to verify your vote.

Please vote!!! Thanks!!!

Thanks for your votes!!

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