Thursday, June 5, 2008

Nine Months... sigh...

Where has the time gone? How it is that my pregnancy felt like an eternity, and now, nine months has flown by in the blink of an eye?

These sweet boys are seeming less like babies every day. They are growing so quickly, and I feel like I need to hit some pause button on life just to take each moment as it comes.
I'm so thankful that I get to be home with them each day, so that I get to live all these special moments with them. So much of the time I am wishing someone else were here to witness it all with me. Our boys are just plain fantastic. Really, truly, FANTASTIC little boys.
Three more months until their birthday. I'm going to be a wreck that day, I can feel it already.

Moving on...

As for growth info, I don't know their height/weight info right now. They both seem to be growing fine, though. They certainly have fabulous appetites! We're still nursing about four times a day (each), but they also eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday as well. These boys will down just about anything! They are especially big fans of fruit, and one of their favorite treats are "popsicles", which is frozen fruit in a mesh container. It's probably the messiest thing I can give them, but man, they LOVE it!

Like I said, MESSY!!

Evan is very close to "official crawling", but hasn't actually gone forward yet. He is quite efficient at getting around, though, and I really can't turn my back on him for a moment. Joel is not really interested in crawling (he will put half-effort into it for about three seconds, then get bored.) He is much more interested in standing. Constantly. He can't pull himself up, but he fights when I try to get him into a sitting position. I figure he'll just skip the crawling thing and eventually start trying to take steps.

Here they are practicing standing in Evan's crib. Notice the pride on Joel's face!

And I just have to throw this one in because they are so stinkin' cute!!

Prayer Requests:

I know lots of people who are in need of lots of prayer right now, so I thought it appropriate to get the message out for them.

A friend of mine just lost one of her twins (the baby was 3 days old), and is need of prayer for comfort. The babies were born at 31 weeks, and the son is doing well but has a long road ahead in the NICU. The mom spent 77 days in the hospital, as her water broke at 20 weeks. The chances of survival were slim for baby A, but she lived long enough that her brother was able to survive to an appropriate time for delivery (it truly was a miracle; baby A lived without any amniotic fluid the entire time. Had she gone into distress, they would have had to deliver both babies and surely would have lost them both.) Please pray for peace and strength for this family.

There is a lot of stress at the moment in Todd's family, so please pray for guidance for all of them.

My very dear childhood friend has a friend who is very pregnant; her husband just had a heart attack and passed away (at 37 years old.) She already has a four-year-old daughter, so is now dealing with both the grief over losing her husband as well as the impending arrival of her child (and the suddenness of having to raise them alone.)
There is a song we used to sing when I was little. I have to share, because it always comes to me whenever I feel like things are getting out of control:
>I cast all my cares upon You;
I lay all of my burdens down at Your feet,
and anytime I don't know what to do,
I will cast all my cares upon You.

Well, if you've made it this far in the blog, you get a reward! Here's a video of the boys' first bath together (about 3 weeks ago.) Get ready to SMILE!!

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