Sunday, November 9, 2008

Halloween Pics

I'm getting these up a bit late, but here are some photos from Halloween. The boys LOVED trick-or-treating. The weather was incredible (high 60s that day, amazing!) They were quite a hit throughout the neighborhood. It was sad to have to stop, but really, how much candy do they really need (meaning, how much candy do I really need?)

For all you Dr. Seuss fans, here they are: Thing 1 (Joel) and Thing 2 (Evan)! (From the Cat in the Hat, for those who don't know.)

We've had bouts of illnesses in the house lately, but nevertheless, we always find time for fun. Last weekend we took the boys to their first sporting event. Soccer? Nope. A Bulls game! Todd scored tickets (pun intended, ha!), so we decided to take the boys out for a night of fun. They loved it. We had great seats, so they actually watched the game quite a bit of the time. They seemed especially interested when the LuvaBulls cheerleaders came out and danced (typical guys.) It was a great time.
Yesterday we decided to head to the Shedd Aquarium for a few hours. It was cold and rainy/snowy outside, and packed in the aquarium. The boys didn't complain, though! They loved the seeing all the different fish, and were especially happy to be allowed to get down and walk throughout the exhibits. They are walking all over now, and it was quite funny to see these little boys toddling along amidst crowds of adults. We ran into another set of twins, girls who are just three months older than our boys. The girls seemed HUGE next to Joel and Evan. The boys haven't grown in awhile, and it's becoming apparent just how short they are! Oh well, there's nothing wrong with being little. Other than it's hard to reach things. I don't mind, though... keeps them from being able to climb on the couch!

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