Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Mini Post (Christmas Wishlist)

For those who need to know... here are gift ideas for the boys:

"Cleaning" toys- They love to help clean. Sweeping and vacuuming is very big with them right now.

Bop Bag- Those inflatable punching toys that don't fall down.

DoodlePro/Art Toys- The boys LOVE doing art (taking after Daddy already), so anything that is toddler safe would be fun for them.

Toys with buttons to push- They are big fans of the remote control and the phone. It'd be nice for them to play with actual toys, not actual electronics.

Here's a link to a toy "wishlist" I put together at ToysRUs. I don't really care about the brand of items, it's more about the type of toy that they like. (Under Find Wishlist, type in our last name and it'll appear)

Clothes: Heck if I know what size to get them anymore. Evan is still comfortable in 6/9 month pants. Joel's in 12 months. Both wear 12 months on top. Good luck figuring that out.

Books: Please, PLEASE no books. We have a huge library at this point. The boys LOVE to read, but we've got books coming out of our ears right now.

Videos: Both boys really enjoy Sesame Street, especially Elmo. They are really into music, so the more musical, the better!

Also, please note that one of something equals massive fights between them! If it is something they can share or play together, they enjoy it, but if it is something small/handheld, they nonstop attack each other. So please keep that in mind. Make my life a little easier!

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