Thursday, February 26, 2009


Another month has passed, and it was busy as usual! Joel and Evan are now 17 months old. At their checkup we got current weights on them: Evan is 20lbs, and 30 1/2"; Joel is 22lbs, and 30". They are still on the small side for their age, but are definitely growing. We've finally made it into 12-18month clothing!

Evan has been imitating a lot, lately. He doesn't say words on his own too much (although he enjoys saying "Hi" over and over), but he tries to repeat all the words that I ask him to say, and he's very proud of himself for trying. He is a definite people pleaser, and our big helper. Whenever I ask him to get me something, or to put something in the garbage, he happily does so. It is fantastic having kids who understand what I ask of them. I LOVE this age!!!!

Sweet Evan! (I told him to "smile for the camera")

Joel is our little rebel. Anything we ask of him is guaranteed to be done the opposite way. He refuses to try talking (although he babbles up a storm). If we tell him not to do something, I can guarantee he will attempt to do it. He gives a devilish little smile when he knows he's being naughty, and I swear I can read his mind as he's trying to figure out just how far he can push my buttons! I can completely see my personality in him; Todd always says, "That's all you!", and I have trouble arguing with him, because it's true. We really have to hold back our laughter with Joel, because he is just plain funny and knows it!

Joel is always up for fun!

The boys are getting into squabbles regularly. I often turn around and catch them wrestling and screaming at each other. Timeouts are becoming more frequent, now that they actually understand what it means. I found a great spot for timeouts at the bottom of the stairs, just on the other side of the playroom gate. It looks like a little jail cell and works perfectly!
When they aren't fighting, they have a great time together. I love seeing the two boys playing with each other, and I have trouble imagining just having one. Of course, I'm always having trouble imagining having three, which isn't too far away!
When they aren't fighting, they adore each other!

We recently went to their friend Lizzy's birthday party. The boys had lots of fun!
(Joel, Lizzy, and Evan)
The boys talking to their friend Addie

They love playing with balls. We need to get one of these toys! (Throw the balls in to score points.)

Look at these big boys in their carseats!


Our big news this month is that the boys have begun potty training. We started just a few days ago. What an adventure! I think I'll devote an entire blog entry to the joys of PT, because the experience has been humorous, to say the least.
And of course I can't forget an update about baby #3! Pregnancy has been great this time around. So far, no real complications. I can still carry the twins, but it is a struggle and getting harder each day. The boys are constantly getting knocked over by my big belly! I'm currently on the hunt for a good triple stroller, since I know the twins won't be old enough to walk next to me when we go out. Besides that, we've got pretty much everything we need for this time around, which is a definite perk to having another boy. And... we picked out a name! Our new little boy is Lukas (call him Luke) White. Middle name still to be agreed upon... let's just say it's an interesting choice, if we stick with what we've got right now.

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  1. Your boys are really cute! Good luck with the potty training! Calvin is 2 1/2 now & is almost completely potty trained and it's great!