Monday, August 17, 2009

Birthday Wish List

For those who are asking, here are some ideas of what the boys are into nowadays:

Dinosaurs: They love them, though they don't have any dino toys.
Trains: They'd like Thomas Take-along stuff

Music: They love musical instruments, currently all we have is stuff that we have made. They'd also like their own music players (like toy cd players.)

Clothing: Size 2T for cool weather clothing; 3T for next year

Art: Art supplies are always a hit with the kids (not so much with the dad)

Imaginative Play: Puppets and costumes

Outdoor Toys: We play outside all the time, and plan to bring toys into the basement when the weather cools down. If it can't be used this year, there is always next summer!

Hopefully that is a good variety of ideas!

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