Monday, May 3, 2010

April... belated

I know I'm a rotten blogger lately, but we've got so much going on that I just haven't been able to keep up with everything on my plate.
Here's my best summary of April....

Week 1a: Daddy's Spring Break!
Todd decided to take a few days off during his school's spring break (no, administrators don't get the days off automatically,) so we enjoyed some family time together.  We brought the boys to visit a children's museum, which they loved.

Sitting in car, getting ready for a drive (notice the keys in Evan's hands?)

Watching a tornado (the blurry part of the photo is the tornado); Joel and Luke experimenting with air tubes.

The really cool train table, which both boys loved.  Evan could have stayed all day, I think!

Luke couldn't see what the twins were doing on top of the table, so decided he'd find his own source of amusement under it.

Week 1b:  Easter!
Great visit with family (my side, we don't get to see Todd's side very often due to distance.) I tried so hard to get great photos of the kids, but they weren't having it.  Here are a few, though.  I feel like I need to do an actual shoot, because they were GORGEOUS. 

(Joel in the khaki hat, Evan in the blue)

Best buds!

(Notice he's even wearing a tie under his vest? AWWW!)

The boys loved hunting for Easter eggs, and they really enjoyed finding their backpacks filled with surprises (the current obsession with Dora makes them interested in wearing backpacks everywhere, so we used those in lieu of baskets this year.)
Their FAVORITE Easter surprise, however, was from their GREAT-grandmother (emphasis on great because she really is fantastic) Juanita, who gave them their very own bikes!

Check out these rockstars! 

Chillin' on the roadsters.

Luke is pretty sure he should be able to ride, too.

Week 2:  We started our big home renovations.  Okay, small in comparison to what a lot of people do, but big to us because, if nothing else, renovating with small children is not fun.  We spent the week arguing about kitchen countertop choices, and ultimately decided on this granite:
Personally, I'm not into granite, but hopefully someone else will love it and decide that they just must buy our house (know anyone in the market for a house?) We're planning to get it on the market in June, so April was just consumed with checklists of to-dos.  Did I ever mention Todd hates checklists?  He also hates to-do lists.  Did I mention I LOVE checklists? Let's just say it was a rough month.

Week 3: Joel and Evan are still very hard to understand, so I am in the process of getting them speech evaluations.  We also had a visit from a plumber to fix the bathroom that has been out of commission for the past two years (try potty-training with the only bathroom being on the least used level of the house.  Not fun.) Todd went to visit the family farm with his dad, so the kids and I paid a visit to my parents.  No pictures, but they had a great time as usual.

Week 4:  We started the week by removing the counters and sink for the kitchen measure.  So began our three week stint without countertops or any water in the kitchen.  The upstairs bathroom now has a working toilet, but the water is still off for the sink and tub, so it's still pretty much off limits. (In fact, here's its current state):

Lovely, right?

Sink?  Who needs a sink?  Counters?  Bah, the top the of dishwasher works just fine, thank you very much.

And here's our latest predicament.  If you've got an opinion, feel free to share!

See the upper half cabinet, and the lower cabinet (with the white door) that doesn't line up with the upper one?  We've got a lot of space to fill before our counters arrive, and have yet to find a reasonably priced, quickly produced option. 
It's a bit of a madhouse here!

So that was April... now onto May, which means LUKE'S FIRST BIRTHDAY! 


  1. Could you mount your microwave under the higher cabinet? Or just put a shelf in to hold cook books, etc. As for the space on the bottom, looks like a good spot for the garbage can. If the can was the same tone as whatever the cabinets are, it might just blend in.
    Just some thoughts.

  2. Todd ended up building a shelf for cookbooks. I'm in agreement with the microwave idea... I was thinking we could put a wine rack up there, but it makes even more sense to put the microwave there and put a wine rack where the microwave currently is. Ooh, I'm excited now! Thanks!