Sunday, October 31, 2010

October: A Photo Journal

Well, I was going to just put up a bunch of photos for the month, but seeing as Blogger is messing with my head right now (really, I just uploaded a ton of photos and they disappeared immediately. Cruel and unusual torture, I swear...) Anyway, I'll start at the end, and the rest will have to come later. Meaning, another day.

Halloween:  Our Little  Chefs   Robots   Ghosts 

Luke slept through trick-or-treating earlier in the day, but I forced him allowed him to go out later.

They INSISTED on being ghosts this year. I didn't even know they were aware of what a ghost is!

They screamed bloody murder when I tried to put the makeup on them. Oh well. Still cute (and comfy, too!)

Off they go!

Swiper, no swiping! Swiper, no swiping! Swiper, no... uh oh! (Dora reference, for those that aren't in the DFC. Dora Fan Club, that is.)

We bought the owl specifically to rid of the squirrels in the yard.  Apparently we forgot to tell the squirrel.

See the lollipop sticks around him? Those are the ones he had already eaten.

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  1. The boys saw ghosts at my house and knew exactly what they were. When did you make those costumes? Very cute. Did you carve the pumpkin in the photos? That is very cool. It was a nice day. Hope you all had fun.