Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Six months!

The website is not letting me post images at the moment, so I'll have to add those later. I did promise an update, though, so figured I'd better get it posted while I have a moment. (I don't really have a moment- both boys are loudly protesting me putting them down for naps- but I like to think that I'm the one running this place sometimes, so I'm doing my best to ignore them.)

Alright, here we go!
Joel's current stats: Height 25" Weight 16lb 2oz Head 17"
(At four months, he was H 23 1/2" W 14lb 7 1/2oz Head 16 1/2")
Evan's current stats: Height 25 1/2" W 14lb 1oz Head 16 1/2"
(At four months, he was H 23 1/2" W 13lb 5 1/2 oz Head 16")
So both have grown, but now seem to be slowing quite a bit. There are both small for their age, but are doing well when taking into account they were preemies.

Daily Life: (Pause to stop the crying... and resume)
Oh, the little dolls are growing! Time is (say it with me, folks) FLYING by. Who'd have thought six months could pass so quickly?? I'm already working planning their birthday party, which is going to be here before we realize it.
Life is full on fun now. I feel so happy all the time. I truly am SO blessed, and I swear having twins feels like I've won the lottery. We stilll have crying bouts (particularly around naptime), but for the most party, these are happy, smiling little boys who want to have fun! They love their jumper; I think we need to get a second one, because now they try to jump while in their stationery saucers. They LOVE food, of course. I'm still nursing, which seems to amaze everyone, but really, bottles sound like such a hassle to me that I couldn't imagine doing things any other way. In addition to their milk, they eat all sorts of foods, including avocado, bananas, pears, squash... they seem to love it all (Joel is particularly fond of sweets, I notice!) I make most of their food in the processor, which saves a ton of money and allows me to give them organic and preservative-free. They recently started learning how to use a sippy cup, so they get water occasionally (to practice) and that is a big treat to them!

They are looking more alike as each day goes by, so people are always asking how we tell them apart. It's fairly easy in person, because they have such personality differences! Evan is a t.v. junkie... he's definitely going to be a visual learner. He particularly enjoys Ellen DeGeneres (I think maybe because her show has a lot of laughter?) and Jon and Kate Plus 8 (probably because of all the noise.) He also loves his fish tank and enjoys watching them swim around.
Joel is my sweet bouncy boy. He wants nothing to do with television. He just wants to be held, or standing up and jumping all the time! We're having trouble working on "sitting up" because when I try to put him in position he pushes himself into a standing position instead. He laughs up a storm and finds it quite humorous when Mommy gets frustrated. Both boys are big time gigglers; Joel cracks up if I call him a "bad boy" and I "spank" his butt. (We learned this when I was patting his butt dry one day.) They take my breath away. What angels.

We are on the hunt for a new pediatrican (again- this will be #3.) Their doctor is moving downtown, and that would be way too much of a hassle to deal with. So if anyone local knows anyone good, please email me! Joel has been a bit sick this week (just a cold), but I felt quite helpless not really having a doctor to call. I was so proud when the boys turned six months without having even a day of sickness between them. At six months and one day, Joel came down with his cold. Oh well. It was a good streak.

Oh, I want everyone to know that all our dogs are in their new homes now. Reuben and Remmie stayed together; the couple is fantastic, and we are in touch often. They seem to be adjusting really well overall. I know that they are so much better off in their new family than they would have been with us at this point in time, so though we miss them, we are confident that giving them up was the right choice. We don't know anything about Jack's new home, but he was so happy-go-lucky that we know he is fine wherever he is. (The shelter is VERY good at screening potential adopters, so we he went somewhere that will treat him well.)

All in all, life is wonderful, parenthood is a blast.

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