Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ten Months and Counting...

I know I'm very behind on posting; it's been a busy summer so far! July 6th marked 10 months for the boys. Doesn't it feel like January was just here? How on earth are we already halfway through July??
Last month, I took the boys to the dr. and got heights and weights. At the time (so, at 9 months), Joel was 18lb12oz, and Evan was 17lbs4oz. Evan is generally the better eater, but he's also very active, whereas Joel is... let's say laid back... so I guess Evan must burn more calories, and hence, remain the smaller twin.

Both boys are now ALL over the place, all the time. They are incredibly fast crawlers, and of course always heading in opposite directions, so as to keep Mommy on her toes. They are very happy, playful little boys, and enjoy playing together as well as apart. Actually, "playing together" usually consists of a lot of ear-pulling, paci-stealing, and other such behaviors. In general, they often head different directions to play, but I notice they constantly look at each other from across the room, and often smile, laugh, and babble together. It's really the most amazing thing to watch the two of them growing up together.

Our anniversary (5 years) was June 21st, so we went to a local hotel for the weekend. It's got a really nice indoor waterpark, and was all around a great place to take the boys. (Todd and I are both HUGE waterpark fans, so this was right up our alley, too.) It was expensive, but SO nice to finally have a vacation together.

Speaking of vacations, Todd left for China today. He took a group for a 13-day trip. I think he was pretty sad leaving the boys, but he loves travel, so he'll enjoy himself. He promised this is the last trip without us, though, and I plan to hold him to that! We've traveled with this same company multiple times in the past (we took students to Italy and Greece, and went on our own to Amsterdam and Paris. He also went to Barcelona this past January.) It's a great tour company (ACIS), and with the dollar so low, we're glad he had chosen China versus another Europe trip this time around. The boys' and I have lots of playdates and family visits planned, so hopefully we'll keep busy enough not to miss him too much (I'm already sad that he's gone. Oh well; maybe he'll bring me back something nice to make up for it.)

We took a lot of pictures throughout the past month, so I thought I'd share a random selection:

One of our playdates with the moms' group I run. Joel and Evan are in the middle.

At the hotel. This is where Joel really learned to crawl!

Lounging in the Lazy River:

These boys LOVE food! Joel automatically smiles like this whenever he sees my camera. What a ham!

Playing with one of our awesome toys! (Joel being a ham again.)

Fun in the cribs:

And one of my favorite pictures: Evan in the duck toybox!


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