Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our Little Boys

Thought I'd post a few pictures of the boys. I took them over the course of the last week or so. I can't believe how quickly they are growing. I was looking back at the pictures Drew took at 8 months (the Hat Series was part of that shoot), and they both had much rounder faces and MUCH less hair. My boys are looking more like toddlers each day!

Aunt Jessi brought them these shirts from China. The pandas are doing Tai Chi! We figured they'd fit in another year, but I love how they look on the boys now! Oh, and I've decided yellow is definitely their color (just like Daddy!)


Look at his legs up behind him. I think it's adorable when he lays this way!

Joel... too focused on Sesame Street to pay attention to the camera!

I do realize Joel has a lot of drool in this picture (teething... lovely, isn't it?), but I was trying to capture both of their faces for comparison. So many people struggle with telling them apart. I just don't get it... they don't look even remotely the same to me!

We went to an apple orchard last weekend. Funny thing is, there was so much to do, that we were all wiped out by the time we were supposed to go apple picking, so we skipped it! (I did buy a peck of apples, though, and the boys are fanatics about them, not that it's a big surprise.)

Daddy and the boys (Evan's hat is turned up.)

Addie (Joel and Evan's friend) driving the big rig

Cuties in the pretend train

Are they gorgeous or are they gorgeous or are they gorgeous?!

Here comes the Choo-Choo train!

Evan's happy

Joel enjoying the ride

Our last stop of the day was to ride the carousel. Little did we know it was insanely fast. Todd volunteered to ride with the boys. For those who know Todd well, you know he can't handle rides. He nearly puked! Evan was crying, I think because he could see that I wasn't riding with him. That, or he was scared of Daddy upchucking all over him!

Who cares if we didn't pick the apples ourselves? (Joel ate two in a row, and Evan had one and part of another. I think we can safely say they enjoy apples!)

And finally, some really adorable pics (unedited, so ignore the red eye) of the boys showing off their new shoes. Joel was especially excited about them!

(Yes, for those of you who are incredibly observant, that IS a toilet box in our living room. And for those of you saying, "Hasn't that been there for a while now?", well, yes, it has. We've found it makes a superb extra gate, which is why we have yet to return it to buy the correct one. And yes, you are correct, that means we still don't have a toilet in the downstairs bathroom. Anyone wanna take bets on how much time passes before we actually get to use the bathroom again?)

P.S. Did anyone notice my mistake in the caption of Daddy and the boys? I said "Evan's hat is turned up." Looking again, I just realized that is Joel, NOT Evan! Okay, maybe they do look kind of alike after all!

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