Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Settling In

Well, a big thanks to Todd for keeping things somewhat updated here! I finally have a moment, so thought I'd post a few pictures and say hi. Luke is going to be two weeks old tomorrow; I really am shocked to think that it's already been two weeks! I ended up with a c-section, so I'm on doctors orders not to do anything (no lifting, no carrying anything heavier than Luke, no cleaning, etc.) for six weeks in order for proper healing. That has been an absolute pain; how exactly do you parent toddlers when you can't do anything? We're trying to deal with it, after all, what can we do? But needless to say, it's been complete aggravation for both Todd and I. (Joel and Evan probably have mixed feelings regarding my inability to care for them; on the one hand, Mommy isn't picking them up when they want to be held. On the other hand, Mommy can't do much about them carrying meals into the living room, climbing all over furniture, and doing whatever else they'd normally be in trouble for.) Thank goodness for family and friends. My sister (Aunt Jessi) came into town for a few days and watched the boys while I was in the hospital. My stepmom (the boys Nonnie) came over for a few days last week to help out; she left exhausted, but it was wonderful having her! Then my mom (Grammy) came over for the weekend to help out as well; even with Todd at home, we still really, really needed and appreciated the help. She's coming back at the start of June, and I am really looking forward to seeing her again! We've got a few awesome friends filling in the gaps in the meantime, so Joel and Evan are able to hang out with some of their little friends instead of sitting around with boring ol' me. It's hard, but I'd say we're surviving!

Here are some pictures taken recently.

The big brothers holding their baby brother for the first time. Luke wasn't thrilled, but it went well.

Evan cuddling with his new brother. They really like him, sometimes a little too much! I've had to cut in on quite a few tickle sessions already!

My boys hanging out together!


  1. Wow Sara, he is beautiful. Congratulations again. Hope you are feeling well.