Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pictures Galore!

I've got a new camera! Hurray! All the kids are asleep at this moment, so I thought, while I may not have all that much time to write, I certainly can put up a few photos to make everyone happy. I'm going to add quite a few, so forgive me if the page loads slowly. Enjoy!

P.S. For those who are waiting and wondering, I realize thank you cards and birth announcements haven't made it out yet. Thank you to everyone for the kind wishes and lovely gifts. I promise I haven't forgotten; it's just that it is a bit hard to find the time to address all the envelopes. The twins are up no later than 6:30 each morning, and don't go to bed until 8:30 at night. Add a baby that nurses every hour and a half, and it turns out time for anything becomes rather limited! We are very thankful to all of you, though, and I hope the cards will be out very soon.

Last weekend we took the boys to visit their Nonnie and Poppy. We went to visit a local children's museum, so here are some pictures from that day.

Aunt Jessi and Joel:

Evan and his baby brother:

Joel (Daddy painted a fish on his forehead):

I love this photo of Evan because it totally shows his personality. "I'm having fun with this! Hey, what's THAT?!"

Guess who's overtired? Wow, this nifty new camera even captures the bags under Evan's eyes.

Must.. make... noise...

Getting their faces painted. (As you can see from previous photos, Evan did NOT like his. Hence, the pink E instead looks like a strange cut on his cheek.)

Aunt Jessi's boyfriend Mark kindly held Luke so that I could play photographer.

Sunny Days! We've been enjoying some beautiful, hot weather lately. The boys love their pool!

Popsicle break. Joel is one happy kid!
Evan showing off his manly figure, I guess.

Luke loves the sun, too!

Seven weeks old

Daddy and Luke enjoying each other's company

Hope that will keep everyone happy for a bit! I've got a lot more to add, so stay tuned for some new picture posts, plus the highly anticipated "A Day in the Life" post! (Who knows, maybe I'm the only one anticipating it. Whatever.)

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