Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Daily Life at the White House

Not to be completely outdone by my marvelous husband (round of applause for the great update he gave!), I thought I'd go ahead and post a few pictures taken in the past couple of days.

As Todd mentioned, I'm back to babysitting, up from three days a week to five. These two weeks have been extra busy, as I've had not one, but two additional toddlers running around. (Think about it... that's five little people; four of them between 16-22 months, and one not quite three months old. And you wonder why I don't have time to write or call?)

Evan has discovered a new love (and talent, I think!).
Put a bat in his hand and he's all smiles!

I said, "Let's go play outside." They interepreted, "Let's go swimming!" So, fully clothed, they hopped right in (and yes, I consider my kids fully clothed even without shorts. It's summer and cloth diapers are cute!)

Silly Joel!

Toddlers find pleasure in the simple things.

I think this is a cute picture (of the kids, not myself!) "Storytime" is each morning; we always sit on this blanket. This is what they did as soon as I got it out.

We made paper bag puppets yesterday. Mikayla chewed hers apart, which is why she doesn't have one. She took Evan's when he wasn't looking, though...

And he now realizes she has chewed his apart as well!

I thought this was adorable. It's a good example of why I don't get nicer curtains!

Buddies hanging out together in the twins' room.

Where's Luke, you ask? Honestly, he doesn't do a whole lot right now, so while I take plenty of pictures of him, I decided to wait to share until I get a really cute one. (Just scroll down to Todd's post showing Luke pics. Looking at those pretty much tells you what my pictures look like as well.)
So there you go, a bit of our daily life!

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