Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday Museday

Recent musings:

When returning from the basement with a load of laundry, it is far better to learn that your children can now reach the steakknives by the gouges in your television, and not gouges in one another.

When children are capable of reaching the steak knives, it is important to permanently keep the knife block facing backwards in order to keep children alive and other furnishings from being destroyed.

("Hurray, we're still alive!")

Bottle brushes will not survive the garbage disposal. 

Taking a photograph of the inside of the kitchen sink will most likely result in a sudden urge to really scrub inside said sink.

Is it better to have folded laundry and lost, or better to have not folded laundry at all?

Will ingesting peat moss cause serious harm?  (Short answer: No.)

Is there a reason a baby prefers peat moss to celery? (Short answer: No.)

(Bet you can guess this question.)

Happy Tuesday!

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