Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Don't Pee on My Carpet and Tell Me It's Juice!

Have you ever heard of this book title? It instantly came to my mind today, with a slightly different twist.

As I may or may not have mentioned, the twins are now completely potty trained (hurray!)  Except,  Joel likes to use his freedom as a weapon, specifically when he is upset.  If you happen to be holding him when he starts crying, watch out, you're gonna get wet (as one of his aunts recently discovered... sorry, Renee.)

Today he was without bottoms, as we take them off for quiet time (for easy bathroom access if either of them needs to go.)  Quiet time ended (or rather, the boys refused to stay quietly in their rooms any longer), so they were out, but still bottomless.

While upstairs cleaning, I heard Joel throwing a tantrum, so I went down to check on him.  Immediately I saw a stream of wetness on the carpet and knew what had happened.  The conversation that follows, well, let's just say I'm not worried about any cognitive delays:

Mommy: "Joel, did you PEE on the carpet? We do not PEE on the carpet!"
Joel: "No, Juice!"
Mommy: "Don't tell me that's juice! I can tell that it's pee.  It's even on the kitchen floor!"
Joel: "NO! JUICE!"
Evan: "No, Monny! Juice!" (Yes, he lovingly refers to me as Monny instead of Mommy.)
Mommy: "You're telling me that it's juice on the floor, not pee?"
Joel: "Yes!"

Mommy, frustrated, walks into the kitchen. And hears:

Evan (to Joel): "Juice?"
Joel (to Evan): "No, pee."

WHAT? He's informing Evan that it is indeed pee?!

Mommy: "JOEL! I just heard you tell Evan that this is pee on the carpet!"
Joel (in his sweet little angelic voice): "No, Mommy, juice!"

Stinker.  One absolutely adorable stinker. 

(Don't worry, though.  I got him back.  We had a long talk about how Jesus wants us to tell the truth, which pushed him to tears.  Which, of course, was followed by lots of cuddling, singing lullabies, and "Mommy loves you forevers."  Oh yeah... I totally got him back... uh, right?)

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