Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Belated Picture Post

I tried to post these a few days ago, but the internet was not cooperating. Here are some of the latest (one month) photos.

My mom with the babies (when she was here):
Evan is growing his own buddha belly! Can you tell Joel is a fan of food? The White Peapod!

Today, Oct. 10, is the boys' actual due date. (Just a little interesting tidbit... my aunt is also due today-- with her fourth boy! Any news yet, Karla?) I tried weighing Joel this morning. I don't know how accurate our scale is, but if correct, he is around TEN POUNDS! That's probably fairly accurate, because I am already needing to move up to the next size diapers with him. Speaking of which, for those who are wondering, we are using both cloth and disposable at the moment, and so far, the cloth are great. Thank goodness Evan is still a little guy (though growing as well); otherwise I might really have trouble holding the two of them.

One last note... just want to say thank you to everyone who continues to check the blog, ask about the boys, and show us all the support. I read all the comments (although I don't comment back because it wouldn't make much sense I don't think), and I am amazed at all the different people who check in so often. So, for the regulars:

Hi Morgan! Joel and Evan can't wait to see you!
Believers Church- Thanks for the prayers!
DCHS- Hi everyone! Hope all is going well. One of these days I expect to bring the boys in to say hello.
WCS- Can't wait for you to meet the little guys. Thanks for all the gifts and support!


  1. How did you ever find such cute costumes? I am glad all is well in the vegetable patch and hope you find a good home for your dog. What a shame. I can't wait to see you and the boys at DC - Parent conferences are next Wed! Think about it! Take care!

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