Tuesday, April 1, 2008

So Much To Share photo's cont'd

Momma and her cubby bear Joel:

Grandpa Adrian and Grandma Linda enjoyed pushing the stroller!

The White Boys... all four of them:

The boys were sick of the camera, but this camel was proud to pose!

Back at Mamaw's house (she was in Texas, so didn't get to see the boys this time).
Family Picture (Sarah and Evan, Todd and Joel)

Something must be really interesting down there...

Brotherly love!

We haven't quite mastered kissing without eating the entire face yet!

Nana and Joel:

Nana and Evan:

Future ladykillers:

Oh, and the latest stats (from today's appointment):

Joel: 25 1/2" tall, 16lb 12oz
Evan: 25 1/2" tall, 15lb 8oz
Still a bit of difference in size!

Some exciting news...
Joel sat up on his own for a few minutes today!!
Evan cut a tooth today! (It's been two months in the making!)

Okay, time to climb into bed. G'night, all!

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  1. Hey Sarah. I always enjoy reading your blog, I check it when both boys are actually sleeping at the same time. I give you a lot of credit for heading out in the car for so long! I'm glad the trip went well. I'm glad the computer was an easy fix too. See you soon.