Thursday, April 17, 2008

Our Beautiful, Gorgeous, Amazing Sunny Day!!

Today was the most beautiful day I have ever seen (since I spent all last summer miserable and indoors)! It was truly perfect weather, and I got to spend it with two fabulous little boys. After a morning playdate with our playgroup, we went for a nice long walk, and the boys got finally got to play for a bit in the yard.
I took lots of pictures, especially of Joel, as he was having a great time playing while Evan was fast asleep in the stroller. Evan's "photo shoot" was short-lived, as he tipped backward and hit his head on the ground. (He's fine, but was not in the mood for me to take pictures!)

Heading out for our walk:


"What is this crazy green stuff?"

I honestly think he could be the happiest child on the planet:

"Okay, Joel, in this next photo, look thoughtful."

And now some photos of why having twins is the coolest thing ever:

Evan enjoyed himself as well, however brief it may have been.

That was our day!


  1. They are so PRECIOUS!!! I smile whenever I get to see their photos!

  2. They are so cute! Looks like they have the sitting-up skills down. It's crazy how much they change in a week! Love, Jessi

  3. I note in a couple of these pictures that it looks like my grand nephew has no legs or feet.