Tuesday, April 1, 2008

So Much To Share! Part Deux

Once upon a time, there were two teachers who looked forward to their Spring Break, a full week off of work. Then one of those teachers left work and became a mom... no more break. The other teacher became an administrator with a year round contract.... no more break. Thankfully, they have fabulous little boys that make it completely worth having no more breaks!

We've finally stepped into the real world! This was the first time in our adult lives (well, actually, since Kindergarten, if you want to be exact) that we have not had Spring Break. Todd ended up taking a few days off of work, though, and we headed down to visit his grandma (near St. Louis.) The past few months of her life have been pretty rough, so it was nice that she was able to spend time with "her boys". Joel and Evan were very good in the car both there and back (about 5 hours each way), but we realized that is about how far they can travel and that's it. Another hour and I think we would have had major meltdowns to deal with.

We looked forward to the beautiful weather that we knew awaited... after all, we still had snow in our forecast, but the weather down south should be beautiful, right? We drove down, and as we approached the Alton area, the rain started. We ended up with a torrential downpour that lasted a two days. So much for getting out and enjoying the sun!
Nevertheless, Saturday was rain free, so we were able to head to St. Louis zoo to enjoy a somewhat decent day outside. The boys were in fairly good spirits, and Todd's dad and stepmom drove up to join us at the zoo. It turned out to be a great time for all of us.

Here are pictures of the trip:

Bundled up at the zoo (are these not the most adorable hats you've ever seen?!)
Joel's awake, Evan's asleep

Checking out the penguins
Evan's awake, Joel's asleep

Grandma Linda and Joel enjoying each other's company

I think this picture is fantastic. Good job, Todd!

"I'm talking to you!" "No, I'M talking to YOU!"

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