Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Today's Appointment

Today I had another appointment. Basic checkup-- NST (listening to hearbeats); cervical check, ultrasound to check fluid levels. Fluid levels look fine... hopefully next week we will get to find out current weights! NST went well; the boys' heartbeats are nice and strong. As for the cervical exam, things are fine, according to the doctor. If you ask me, full contractions and major pressue not having any effect whatsoever doesn't sound "fine", but whatever, I'm no doctor.
It's great to know that the boys are doing well, though. The doctor doesn't think it will be too much longer, though I don't know what he is basing his decision on. I'll be back on Monday, so maybe they can explain more to me then.

As for the Cholestasis, he is quite confident that is what I have, though we are waiting on bloodwork to confirm it. I'm currently trying to ignore the major itching on my right foot, my left arm, right thigh, and back of my head. The good news is, if I have OC, it explains away the liver enzyme issue, which means they won't need to readmit me for suspected preclampsia!

So, though I have heartburn, a smashed bladder, walking difficulties, torn, itchy skin, major contractions, horrible pressure, swollen everything, and diabetes, at least I'm not preclamptic, which means I don't have to worry about going into a coma and dying anytime soon!

See Todd, I can be an optimist after all!

(As much as I whine, I really am glad to know these little guys, however uncomfortable they make me, seem to be doing wonderfully. And I know that an end is in sight, though my vision may be too foggy to see it right now.)


  1. Thank you Sarah for such a nice know we are all interested but don't want to bother you will all our phone calls. Glad to hear that all is well with you and the boys.

    Grandpa White

  2. It is so nice Sarah to be able to walk with you in spirit through this very special and challenging time for you. I can feel the love and caring your boys will enjoy in their beautiful lives to come. Keep up the awesome are almost there!

    Many blessings to you,