Sunday, August 26, 2007

Jack Bauer = We Don't Accomplish Much!

Nothing new to share, but wanted to keep everyone informed. The babies are still doing well. I really can't believe they haven't arrived yet; I walk around constantly feeling like my water is going to break any moment, what with all the pressure that I feel!

We finally have the carseats installed; I think Todd now sees what I mean when I say,
"We need a bigger vehicle!" Basically, until we upgrade, we can haul the boys with us, but can't bring anything else along. It's not too much longer until my car is paid off, though, so we're trying to wait for that before shopping for anything. And now that I'm no longer getting paychecks (...sigh...), it is going to be interesting to see how bills go.

This weekend was supposed to be reserved to getting the house and everything ready to go for the boys. So far, we've watched multiple episodes of 24 (season 5), Todd got some laundry done, the car is clean, and Todd is currently mowing the lawn...
and exactly how many days to we have left to get everything in order?

At the very least, cloth diapers have been ordered, and the nursery is 90% ready to go, so slowly but surely things will be accomplished. This is what happens when you put two procrastinators together!

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  1. I have heard that when under pressure you can get a lot done - it is summer. If it is any consulation all of the chores will still be there whenever you feel like getting around to it. I once read that you should always use the 10 year policy. Ask yourself do I really need to do this now? Will it matter in 10 years or will you have forgotten all about it?
    Boy, you must have bought out the store with all the cloth diapers you will need! We used them with the first one too! With emphasis on the first one. Actually, it sounds like everything is under control - the boys are controlling you! Really, with our last baby he came two weeks early and the crib was still in the attic. I think it stayed there for about two weeks after Christopher was born. He slept in a blanket lined laundry basket. When the crib was finally set up - he preferred the laundry basket! You and Todd enjoy your peace and quiet while you can. Thinking and praying for all of you! Kitty