Wednesday, August 29, 2007

34 week update

Nothing exciting to share at this point. Had a checkup yesterday... things are status quo... absolutely no changes according to the doctor.
I, however, am truly going out of my mind with all this itching. I keep trying to tell myself "just two more weeks", but seriously, this ICP is driving me nuts. I have read that Benefiber might help, so we got some of that last night. If it makes even the slightest difference, I'm happy.

We got the carseats properly installed a couple days ago (at our police dept.) After seeing both installed, it is apparent that keeping our car as the main vehicle is not really an option. There is room for two babies, but that's about it! There is barely enough room between the seats to put a diaper bag. I've been searching on carmax for a new (used) vehicle, but with the loss of my income, really don't want to take on another car payment at this time. So I'm thinking we'll wait a few more weeks until we have no choice in the matter.

With two weeks left, we have plenty to wrap up. I have a list a page and a half long of things I'd like to see done before the boys arrive; if we get through a tenth of it, it'll be a miracle! We'll survive, of course, even if things aren't finished, but I figure if we don't have the time now, there is no chance of having it once the boys are here.

Hopefully we'll take some pictures today so that I can show off my enormous belly at 34 weeks! Next appointment is on Friday-- I believe we are getting the final ultrasound that day!

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