Friday, August 3, 2007

Relax all, I'm still here!

Okay, okay, I'll make sure to update every two to three days!

There is not anything new to share. I'm still at home... still contracting... still pregnant with no end in sight. Joel and Evan are now 30 weeks, 2days old.
My mom has been staying at our house this week to help care for me. She has been an amazing help; I don't know what we will do once she is gone. I guess we'll survive, though.

I had to see the dr. today because I have had insane itching all over my body. They think it could be due to my liver enzymes or something. We won't know anything until next week, though. Right now, I am taking Benedryll and I have oatmeal baths, so I should be able to survive.

Next appointment is Wednesday...

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  1. Thanks for the update. That's great that your mom is there. I'm sure that's a big help. And you're probably having a good time together. Since losing my mother recently, I really enjoy remembering time spent with her. I guess that's the essence of motherhood, creating good memories; Christmas, birthdays and life in general. If more mothers asked themselves often if they are creating good memories for their children, this world would be a better place.
    So hang in there, keep us posted, and create some wonderful memories.
    Love, Janice