Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I Just Have to Brag a Little

Not that anyone is going to care really, but I'm so happy and just need to get it out...

I just got my ambulance bill totally erased! (Well, my portion, not the part already paid by insurance.) When I was transported from one hospital to the other (when I initially was admitted), the ambulance company charged $3700 for the 19 mile transport! (Note: No services in the ambulance; basically, they are charging $195 per mile.)
We received a bill recently saying our portion due is $791. I was upset about this, so I called the ambulance company today and complained (politely).

Their solution? "Let's just drop your portion of the bill altogether." Yep! They completely dropped our portion of the charges! Even the lady on the phone was shocked when she heard the amount billed. (She did say they billed 50 miles, not 19, but luckily realized all you have to do is look up the mileage online and realize that it was incorrect. And apparently they tried to add some services that the hospital had provided as their own. Scumbags!)

So, the moral of the story... check your bills, and think of the amount given as an initial offer!

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