Sunday, July 29, 2007

Quick Update

Just confirming with everyone that yes, I am home! I kept my hospital room between 62-65 degrees at all times, so I am kind of suffering here (there is no way Todd will let me run up our electric bill so the house can be a freezer), but it is nice to be home.

And, I have to say, thank you for all the comments. I love reading them all! I don't know how to reply, but they are a lot of fun to read.

Dr.'s appt. is tomorrow. Let's see if I can stay out of the hospital this time...


  1. Hey Whites:

    You tell them boys to CALM DOWN!!! and BE PATIENT!!! It helps if you scream it...really communicates the whole feeling of calm down, when you do that. And telling them to be patient...well, it works wonders with Luke. He just says, "Oh, okay"...I think you saw that in FL.
    Keep posting!

  2. Oh, and tell's only money. Turn up the air! LOL