Saturday, July 21, 2007

28 weeks and counting!

I was originally admitted to the hospital at 26 weeks exactly (on July 4th) due to strong contractions. (I have been having contractions since early on in the pregnancy. Doctors say it is just because of how much my uterus grew in such a short period of time.) I thought I was going just for a quick check, but while there they discovered the possibility of a condition called preclampsia. So, what was a "quick check" turned into a week long admission.
After stumping the doctors for a solid week (showing signs of preclampsia, but not having the expected increase in blood pressure), they decided they weren't doing anything for me inpatient that couldn't be done outpatient.
A few days later, after a thorough exam, my doctor realized that he didn't like how my body was acting (increasing liver enzymes and protein, again), so he felt it best that I get re-admitted.

So... here I am, on bedrest at Lutheran General, either until birth or until the doctors once again decide to send me away. Since everyone is wondering what is constantly going on, and since I have no answers (my doctors referred to me as an anomaly... apparently they are feeling lost as well), I figure this could be an easy way to give quick updates to everyone interested. And since I don't exactly have a busy schedule at the moment, it seems that I should be able to actually keep things up to date.

I went in at 26 weeks, came home at 27, came back at 28, and am currently 28weeks 3 days. The babies are doing fantastic, and currently, I'm feeling absolutely fine. It isn't the easiest thing to prepare for giving birth from the hospital, but overall, we're all doing okay and getting excited to meet our little boys!


  1. hey! just wrote you a longer thing but i had to sign up on the google thing! anyway, i am glad you are doing well and that the babies are going well also! you are at a great hospital, especially for children! we even picked it for alyson- even though it is further away.......will write more later!

  2. You are in a great hospital Sarah. I was there 19 years ago for the same condition with my daughter. My advice...take no BS from student nurses and/or docs. Since it is a teaching hospital they like to play Scrubs and save you. I finally placed a sign on my door only allowing my doc and nurses to enter. They weren't too happy with me. Patient rights rule!!!!!!

    Katie was delivered at 34 weeks, healthy and in 19 years has not stopped screaming since that moment. I'll sos my two favorite Catholic icons, St. Jude and St. Gerard to watch your back. They have never failed me.....