Thursday, July 26, 2007

I think they are kicking me out!

According to the dr. that talked to me yesterday, I am going home today! In short, he says that they (the group of specialists) are all under different opinions on whether or not I should stay or go, but he is the dr. on call for the next few days, so in the end he will be the decision maker, and he wants me to get home. I'm a bit annoyed that he gets to make the decision, just because he is not one of my actual doctors, but I know they all consult together each morning, so I guess it's just as well.
I am happy to get out of here; since the liver enzymes and proteins seem to be going down (for the moment), and they say "deal with it" for the contractions, so I see no point in staying. I'll find out in a few hours.

I saw the boys yesterday! Had an ultrasound, the tech measured them. Joel is a whopping 3 lbs, 10oz; Evan is 2lbs, 12oz! These are nice sized babies! There hearts look great and they were doing a fantastic job practicing breathing.

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