Thursday, July 26, 2007

Nursery Pictures! (The mural)

Here are a bunch of photos taken of the nursery. Todd made the mural to match the bedding (although the photos don't show it too well.) The mushrooms have a little mouse hidden... one of my favorite features! And he incorporated our 3 dogs: Jack is barking at a squirrel in the tree, Remmie is in the background chasing the deer-looking thing, and Reuben is sitting by himself in front of the trees. It matches their personalities perfectly!


  1. Hey! Make sure everyone knows that the nursery looks even better in person! I just started reading the blog, and I was laughing that the first few entries really show how much time you have on your hands. I'm glad you're putting my laptop to good use. I just wanted to say hi, and I'll talk to you soon. Like everyone else, I'm praying you and the boys stay happy and healthy, and I know we'll get to meet them soon. Can't wait!!
    Love, Aunt Jessi ;)

  2. Sara,
    Whoa, have I been out of the loop. I finally checked the school email and found this wonderful blog. What a great idea. Sorry to hear that you have to stay at the hospital, what a bore. It is one of the best around and it was 30 years ago when my two were born there. It sounds as if ALL of the White family are doing well, and what an incredible baby room. You have always had a great spirit about you which seems to keep you going through this whole process. I will keep track of you through the blog. I'll miss you in September.