Monday, July 23, 2007

July 23rd Update

The latest news...
I'm feeling well, though uncomfortable. They may be doing more monitoring some time today (to check my protein and liver levels). The dr. said that they do not foresee sending me home soon, because levels are still elevated (though only slightly). My blood pressure remains low to normal.
A few days ago I seemed to be going into labor, so they put me on a medication to stop it (Indocin). This medication can only be used short-term amounts (48 hours). Today I am done with it. A few weeks ago they had put me on another medication (Nifedipine) to slow the contractions. Now, they have decided just to leave me be and see what happens. We are at 28 weeks, 5 days, so delivery at this point has a high success rate and should not result in many complications for the babies. I am happy with this decision, as I hate taking medications to begin with, and the medications that I have been on have scary complication risks. (The babies continue to be doing very well, though, so neither medication should have affected them in any way.)

So, we may be meeting Joel and Evan fairly soon! On average, I am contracting 6 times an hour while ON the medication. Without it, the contractions should increase in frequency and intensity. Again, I am at a great hospital, so even if the boys come fairly soon, they are in good hands.

So that is the news for now. I did receive my copy of Harry Potter yesterday, so now I have that keeping me occupied for a couple of days. Todd is inviting the guys over this weekend to help with some projects around the house, so he is busy with getting everything taken care of. I am trying to get hold of the claims adjuster to find out what is going on with our storm damage claim (we had three huge storms over the past two weeks which resulted in a ruined floor in our house). And our roof is FINALLY DONE! We've been talking about it for years now, so it is nice to have that taken care of. Only after getting the roof redone, did Todd decide that he really wants to move soon. So now we are trying to get the house ready to be put on the market. Kind of sad, considering he just painted a fantastic mural in the nursery. With the market the way it is, we probably won't be going anywhere anytime soon, though.


  1. Sarah,

    I lost the number to the hospital and don't know the name but I think of you (using "you" collectively, of course) daily. I cannot wait to meet the new family. Hope you are staying positive and enjoy HP!



  2. Sarah,

    I just wrote you a nice note and got erased as I had to create a Google account!!! I am out of time for tonight.........Well...the gist is......I am sending you much good energy and happy wishes for the smooth delivery of your two I have heard many nice things about you, and you and Todd together......I look forward to meeting you,and the boys in the future....I have subscribed to your Blog so I will be staying tuned in to you news and the countdown.......

    Many Blessings from the Laguna Clan,

    Suzanne (The Long Lost Sister)and Family

  3. Hang in there. The boys will be fine and so will you. Enjoy the nurses waiting on you and get lots of sleep while you can. Take care. Kolleen