Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hospital Food = The Highlight of My Days

Todd used to always comment about how much his mom used to talk about what they would eat for the day. I understand completely.

Today's excitement:
Breakfast-- decaf coffee, scrambled eggs, sausage links (two!)
Snack-- 6 saltines with peanut butter
Lunch-- cheeseburger (jackpot!), fruit cup, salad cup, mashed potatoes (I have had these every single day, two times a day, since being in the hospital the first time. I refuse to eat them at this point.)
Snack-- Rice Krispies with milk (they are proud of this; the first stay I regularly was given Rice Krispies with peanut butter. When the nurses found out what was happening, they threw a fit. Personally, I miss the combination.) They gave me cottage cheese, too, but I have to decide if I am adventurous enough to eat that crap.
Dinner-- hasn't happened yet, but I happen to know that I will be having meatloaf, NO mashed potatoes (I told them I'm refusing them), salad, and a small roll (which is awesome; bread is like gold to me now.) Oh, and I'm getting dessert! Chocolate cake (it's not quite as thrilling as it looks in print.)

Yeah, sure, it looks like a ton of food. That is until you realize I've got two little boys sucking all the nutrients out of me. Lucky for me, I'm on bedrest, so I have no reason to need calories for myself anyway, right? But I'm currently keeping a mental list of everything that I want to eat once all this fun is over.

So, here's my basic day:

5:30a.m. Wake up for vitals, weight, blood sugar check, etc.
7:30a.m. Breakfast!
8:00a.m. TLC starts baby shows just for me. TV stays on all day but I don't really watch until...
9:30a.m. More nurses... eventually a doctor wanders in to tell me they don't know what to do with me.
10:00a.m. Snacktime!
12:00 Lunch!
2:00 Back to TLC for quality television
3:00 Judge Judy!
4:00 Dr. Phil!
(The afternoon is pretty action packed, as you can see. In between all that goodness come the nurses, along with my afternoon snack. The afternoon snack is never as exciting, though, since it is during the busiest part of my day.)
5:00 Dinner during Seinfeld
6:00 Everybody Loves Raymond
6:30 WHEEL... OF... FORTUNE!
Then channel flipping the rest of the evening, interrupted by snack and nurses.

Of course, I'm not just sitting here all day staring at the television. I'm also sitting on the computer. Sometimes I read, I'm in the process of writing thank you cards from the showers. I also get phone calls and surprise visitors sometimes. Oh, and I get a quick shower each day. So, for all of you thinking, "what on earth does she do sitting in bed all day everyday?" let me tell you that I am PLENTY busy, thank you very much!

(Okay, so the boredom may be frying my brain, but really, I am surviving and the days go by quicker than one would expect.)

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