Thursday, July 26, 2007

Never mind...

They decided to do more testing before releasing me. So... maybe tomorrow....


  1. Remember, you are in a good place for you, the little boys, and the big boy. Find some volunteer to massage your feet.

    I am home recuperating from knee replacement surgery, Your blog is the highlight of my day Sara!!!!!!!

    Read some mindless magazines or novels. It will be another 18 years before you will have time; and then it will be because you are up waiting for them to come home.
    Talk to your tummy during the day. I did that with Katie and she turned her head towards me immediately when I said her name. To this day,she and I have some strange physic bond completing each other's thoughts......

    Tell Todd I am now an official Bionic Woman with moving parts.

    Thanks for the daily entertainment.
    My prayers for the entire Blanco fam.

  2. Sarah, This is SO COOL. What a wonderful tool to keep us all informed. And it's very entertaining. You're putting Jessi's lap top to great use. So now I'm wondering where you are, in or out of the hospital. And I don't have your phone number. Who's using Grandma's cell? What's this about you moving? Where? When? Why? I'll keep checking your blog for updates. Hang in there and know that we're all thinking of you and Joel & Evan and Todd too.

  3. P.S. I still want to see Todd's mural. Could you put that on your blog site? Janice

  4. Okay Sarah! Hang in there! Just a quick piece of advice from another mom of twins "keep them in as long as possible"- believe me your life is much easier now than if they were out(hard to believe) I know how badly you want them out, but go the longer you can go the better- TRUST me! It's going to be tough enough when they do make their appearance! Also- be careful with those U.S. "techs" they told me both twins were OVER 6 pounds - Mary came in at 6 14 and Ana 4 11 !! HUGE difference- I would have gone longer had I known that- the little ones require more attention and work(AND TODAY STILL DOES)! Good Luck and you're in our thoughts and prayers!