Sunday, September 16, 2007

Babies' Progress Report


Time for an update! Joel and Evan continue to do well and are very close to coming home. Both have had their feeding tubes removed, so now everything they take in is what they eat. Joel is starting to look like a little porker to me; his face is really filling out. They look pretty different from each other right now because of the size difference, but Todd says he notices Evan starting to fill out as well.
We think there is a really strong chance that Joel will be coming home tomorrow! He has not had any difficulties in the NICU, so at this point hasn't shown any reason to be kept in any longer. Evan should be right behind, as he is doing really well with his feedings over the past 24 hours (eating full/nearly full bottles, which are 2oz.)
I am both thrilled and terrified at the realization that they are going to be here... with me... by myself... each and every day. Today I attempted to care for them both at the same time. It went fine, but by the end the three of us collapsed into a deep sleep for an hour or so. It is a great feeling to be able to care for them myself, though; at this point, the NICU nurses have pretty much let Todd and I just take over while we are there.

So... progress is good!

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  1. Each day is a new adventure ...and guess what, it continues even after they are in college!!!

    Actually it will be easier after Evan and Joel both get out of the hospital and you can get some sort of a routine but I'm sure you'll have more than a few days where you, Todd, and the boys look like today's picture! God Bless!