Friday, September 14, 2007

One Week Photos

Just thought I'd share some of our photo shoot from yesterday. I spent the day at the hospital; it was great being able to be with them for so long again! They continue to do well, especially Joel. Sounds to me like he may be coming home within a few days-- his feedings are going really well, so that needs to continue (along with some weight gain).
Anyway, here are are boys at one week! (Evan is on the left, Joel is on the right)


  1. Joel and Evan are beautiful and it is so wonderful to be able to follow the White Peapod journey! Love, Aunt Marcia

  2. So precious! I can't wait until you are able to bring them both home. Your family is in our prayers! I still can't wait to baby sit!

  3. Yay! Congratulations Sarah and Todd! I can not wait to see these boys in person...they are so adorable! You have both been in my prayers and I hope you are both doing well. I am so happy that God has been faithful to give you healthy twin boys.

    All the students at DCHS say hello and were so excited to hear about your boys!


  4. They are beautiful Sarah and Todd. This precious time goes fast....You will look back and find it hard to remember how tiny they were! Hang in there- Julia "mc"lengemann