Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sunday September 9th

Its Todd,
Sarah will be in the hospital until Monday evening, and at best guess the boys won't be home for at least a week. Joel is doing great is already really increasing the amount he eats, Evan is a starting to get the hang of things and although progressing slower than Joel, is also doing great. I would like to thank everyone for the overwelming response we have had so far at the hospital. We spoke with the nurses yesterday and it was decided that it is not a good idea to continue to have so many visitors. The boys are still in the NICU and they are doing great, but having 6-7 new visitors a day since they were born may be too much. The other babies in the NICU are very fagile compared to Joel and Evan and need to be considered too. So with that said, we would ask that at this time that you plan to visit the babies when they get home, or if you are close family, that you CALL FIRST and schedule a time to see them. Sarah has missed several feedings, and the boys got off schedule a couple of times already, and at this point the more care and feeding Sarah is there for the sooner they will be home. Once they are home we plan to have people over to see them...we will keep you informed. Until then, enjoy the latest pictures of the boys! Joel is on the left and Evan is on the right!

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  1. Sarah and Todd,
    Congratulations!! We are so happy for you guys. Joel and Evan are simply beautiful. We are praying for all of you and really hoping that the boys get their bearings on this "outer" world as soon as possible so the next advenure of having them home can begin. Sarah, I hope you are feeling well and recovering from the surgery. I know you must miss the boys now that you are home - but your own bed must feel nice! Hang in there, and give the boys some love from this branch of the family.

    Love, Jim, Sonya, David, Bridget, Aidan and Liam