Thursday, September 27, 2007

Time Flies-- The Boys are Three Weeks!

I cannot believe it, but the boys are already 3 weeks old. Considering I spent most of that time awake, you'd think it should have dragged by, but to think that my boys are already nearly a month old is absolutely amazing to me.
Both are doing wonderfully at home. They are beautiful and healthy, adjusting well, growing bigger by the day. Auntie Jessica is going to get to come by this weekend, and I think she is going to be amazed at how much bigger they are than the last time she saw them a couple weeks ago.
My mom is here this week; she is a huge help. I have been pulling all the night shifts so that Todd could sleep, but last night I pretty much passed out. She was able to take over for the night, and I feel much better today having slept nearly a full night. Joel is much better about sleeping through the night now (not getting nights and days confused as he had been), so usually I am able to get around 2 hour chunks of sleep at a time between feedings. Better than nothing.

And finally, our big news, we bought a van! There was no choice in the matter, we absolutely had to have a bigger vehicle, so on Saturday we spent the day at Carmax and were able to find a really nice Town & Country that was in our price range (our price range being "the cheapest minivan on the lot with under 50k miles".) All throughout the pregnancy, Todd said he does NOT want a minivan (wanted an SUV.) We find this one, and he LOVES it. He kept talking about how great it is, all the room, the features... yep, he's definitely hit fatherhood now!

Here are some three week photos that we took. The first one is Joel, the other two are Evan, then them sleeping together. Notice the pacifiers-- these are the only ones they will use, but they want them all the time.

The boys say Happy Belated Birthday to Grandma Janice!


  1. THANKS for keeping us updated on your precious beautiful ones! They are looking so alert and growing like weeds!

  2. G'ma Janice says, thanks for the birthday wishes. I couldn't ask for a better present than these two beautiful and healthy grandsons. Keep the updates coming.