Saturday, September 8, 2007

Quick Hello

I thought I'd post a quick hi since I am up and about. I'm feeling good overall-- sore at the incision site, but the medication helps. For those who were wondering... the OC itching seems to be GONE (hallelujah!), and my blood sugars seem to have returned to normal, so I am no longer being considered diabetic (yippee!)

The boys are absolutely precious. I try to join them for each feeding. Evan is eating through a tube, as he can't quite figure out how to suck yet. Joel is getting better at sucking during each bottle feeding, so we are starting to practice b'feeding now. Both are looking great. Evan is still in his isolette, but should be coming out soon (he needs to be able to regulate his temp. a little more.)

Hopefully we can get some more pictures up soon. The computer access has been a bit of a pain here, so we can't post too often, but there are lots of pics available for posting, so there should be new ones up sometime this weekend.

Time to eat, then off to the boys' feeding.

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