Saturday, September 22, 2007

Two Weeks and Counting!

In honor of turning two weeks old, the boys got their first baths at home! Turns out they are NOT fans of bathtime (particularly Evan, which is obvious.)

Joel's bathtime... check out the size of that gut!

Evan is NOT happy!

Daddy makes up for the torture with some good cuddle time!

I had to include this because it is so cute. Evan was using the pacifier to relax, and Joel was using Evan's fingers!


Yesterday was the two-week checkup. Joel is 6lbs! Evan is 5lbs 3oz.! Both are obviously eating well. The doctor said everything looks perfect, and they don't have to come back until the two month appointment since feedings are obviously not an issue.

Todd and I have now figured out a sleep schedule that seems to be working, so we are finally starting to feel like we can function (slightly) again. I'm sad that he has to go back to work on Monday... for both of us. I have loved having him around, and he's loved being around. He's a very devoted Daddy. I guess I'll just have to send him lots of photos each day.

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  1. Sarah, I am so glad they are home and doing so well! Please call if you need anything. We won't be calling, since I remember it seemed like anytime I could squeeze in a nap the phone would ring! We are thinking of you all though. How are the diapers working out?

    Karen, Mike, and Kyle